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AIRBUS GROUP : Innovation, Defence, Security

Innovating to make products secure

At Airbus, innovation in terms of aircraft security involves both onboard systems and manufacturing environments. The latter include production, assembly and testing facilities: critical phases of a programme during which the aircraft on the ground is especially vulnerable. Innovation is focused on the two major types of threats: physical threats and cyber threats. It should be noted that the two big international aircraft manufacturers are in competition in all areas except when it comes to aircraft safety. Airbus is thus collaborating with its American counterpart to make air transport more secure. Download

AIRBUS GROUP : Innovation, Performance, competitiveness

The OECD defines innovation as the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service) or process (production), a new organisational method in business practices, workplace organisation or external relations, or a new marketing method. A key factor in competitiveness on a highly competitive aeronautics market, innovation is always, internally, a complex process of confrontation and negotiation that involves numerous technical players. Download

AIRBUS GROUP : Mastering the 3rd dimension

Airbus Group’s know-how in the field of military aircraft is founded on a synergy between its civil and military divisions. On-going innovation, thanks to the Airbus Group Innovations network and its cultivation of technological excellence through the sharing of skills and resources among its subsidiaries, is combined with Airbus’s sales and marketing clout, its portfolio of customers and Airbus Defence & Space’s extensive knowledge of the requirements of armed forces. In the field of military helicopters, the same synergy is largely responsible for the success of Airbus Helicopters, the worldwide leader on civil markets. Download

AIRBUS GROUP : Identifying and countering the threat

ISR, a key function when it comes to knowledge of the adversary and mastering the pace of operations, is also the core of Airbus Defence & Space’s activities: whether satellite systems (platform and ground segment) for acquiring and processing images and electromagnetic signals or even MALE and tactical drone systems. These are key tools for armed forces faced with adversaries that are diffuse and unpredictable. Secondly, dealing with the threat, whether it be airborne, land-based or naval, requires robust effectors with sufficient reach: this is the raison d’être of MBDA, the European missile systems specialist. Download

DCI: Transferring the French armed forces know-how

To disseminate the know-how of Europe!s finest armed forces to French industry customers and friendly countries. Such is the raison d!être of Défense Conseil International (DCI). With its unique organisation mirroring the Defence Ministry, DCI positions itself ahead of armament exports and is an efficient component of Defence’s international influence strategy. Download

Airbus Group: Space as the horizon

The space industry is on the verge of a revolution that will completely change its economic model, its scope and its offer of services. As with air transport, the “democratisation” of access to space will soon be a reality. Download


The indispensable A400M

The A400M programme is certainly the most significant European programme of the last decade. Drawing on the latest technological and operational expertise, this new strategic transport aircraft produced by Airbus Military will improve the fluidity and efficiency of military operations. Download


Airbus Prosky or the futur of air traffic management

 How to reconcile the requirements for growth with environmental considerations? The new subsidiary of Airbus (EADS), Airbus Prosky, launched in January 2010, is a first step in this direction. Download



Eurocopter leader of the third dimension

The helicopter, thanks to its versatility and mobility has always been a key piece of equipment in the armed conflicts of the past 30 years. Download



DCNS: An ambitious company

DCNS is among the French armament companies that has undergone the most profound changes in recent years. Download